Admissions and Marketing at Stautzenberger College

Semester: Spring 2008
Institution: Stautzenberger College
Office/Functional Area: Admissions and Marketing

Name: Greg Chick

Supervisor(s): Karen Fitzgerald
Supervisor Email: 

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
I have created a survey that all students fill out during Orientation. I had the first quarter students fill out the survey and input all the data and created a report for Karen. Information on the survey was mostly demographic, what they listen to, watch on TV, interests, etc. to help determine how Stautzenberger should improve how they market the institution. I also did an in-person and over the phone interview with each member of the admissions team and created a formal critique of their method of interviewing potential students. I also helped assemble the institution's formal application for accreditation from the Ohio Board of Regents. Later this semester I will be participating/observing exactly how Orientation is run at the institution.

Primary Competency: Human and Organizational Resources
Secondary Competency: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

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