Housing Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution at University of Michigan

Semester: Spring 2008
Institution: University of Michigan
Office/Functional Area: Housing Student Conduct and Conflict Resolution (HSCR)

Name: Lindsey Hagen
Email: lhagen@bgsu.edu

Supervisor(s): Stacy Vander Velde, Assistant Director of HSCR
Supervisor Email:

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
Assisted with the development of 'Community Circles' a restorative justice program led by peers. Served as a hearing officer, hearing cases including minor alcohol and drug infractions, and violations of community living standards. Designed promotional materials for 'Community Circles'

Primary Competency: Law, Policy, and Governance
Secondary Competency: Human and Organizational Resources

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