President's Leadership Academy - Center for Leadership

Semester: Fall 2010
Institution: BGSU
Office/Functional Area: Center for Leadership

Name: Denica Brooks

Supervisor(s): Dr. Julie Snyder
Supervisor Email: 

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
I prepared and taught two classes of the PLA UNIV 1000 course. One was on Reading and Testing Skills. The other was on Understanding Others. My main task is doing recruitment for the PLA. I go to high schools in Detroit and Toldo and talk about PLA and ALS (another scholarship). I am the main contact for this with all schools. There are about 16 schools to visit. I also did and am doing a large Detroit and Cleveland visit for any student in the area. It's really fun!! Next semester if I chose to stay on, I will get to work with the selection process.

Primary Competency: Student Learning and Development
Secondary Competency: Leadership

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