President's Leadership Academy at BGSU

Semester: Fall 2011
Institution: BGSU
Office/Functional Area: President's Leadership Academy

Name: Anna Lehnen

Supervisor(s): Julie Snyder
Supervisor Email:

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
Created syllabus, curriculum, and assessment for the 2009 Cohort of the President's Leadership Academy.  The cohort meets bi-weekly and I spent about 3 hours per week in the office, in addition to some out of office work and cohort meetings.  The class focused on citizenship and responsibility to that through a social justice lens.  Emphasis was placed on how the students could apply the leadership lessons from class to their personal leadership positions.

The practicum provided me the opportunity to reflect upon what practices worked in curriculum design because students were assessed weekly to see if they were learning the topic material. The strongest area of growth however, was understanding how to accurately assess student learning.

Primary Competency: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research
Secondary Competency: Student Learning and Development

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