Orientation at Wastenaw Community College

Semester: Spring 2012
Institution: Washtenaw Community College
Office/Functional Area: Orientation

Name: Jessica Chung
Email: jchung@bgsu.edu

Supervisor(s): Cristina Buzas
Supervisor Email: cbuzas@wccnet.edu

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):

  • Facilitated a number of traditional, nontraditional, and special orientation sessions for new students using clicker presentation tools
  • Looked for trends through recent student evaluations on possible improvements on the experience
  • Wrote up a research proposal to conduct focus groups on in-student orientation this summer to understand the experience and create future improvements
  • Wrote and created two podcasts for parent newsletters in the fall focusing on parent transition and helping their student through stress using iMovie, Camtasia, and Prezi
  • Created new registration videos using the program Camtasia

Primary Competency: Student Learning and Development
Secondary Competency: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

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