Center for Multicultural & Academic Initiatives at BGSU

Semester: Fall 2006
Institution: BGSU
Office/Functional Area: Center for Multicultural & Academic Initiatives


Supervisor(s): Jan Twork
Supervisor Email:

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
Student Learning Outcomes:
  1. Increase awareness of the barriers facing students of color, as well as motivation and learning
  2. Learn project management skills when creating and implementing a new student program
Practicum Outcomes:

Typical duties may include some or all of the following activities by partnering with Jan Twork, the retention coordinator to:
  1. Research and write weekly promotional emails for the incentive program;
  2. Research, survey students and/or conduct focus groups at mid-term concerning rewards program effectiveness
  3. Organize, set up and participate in Success Seminars
  4. Test the Blackboard Success Track community tasks, etc. for on-going effectiveness
  5. Search the web for additional web sites that would support students' academic success that could be used for the Blackboard community
  6. Answer students' questions through the Success Toolbox Blackboard community message board concerning academic, housing, academic services, scholarship requirements, etc
  7. Observe weekly advising meetings with coordinator
  8. Attend diversity training presented by the Center staff
  9. Meet with other advisers within the Center to understand the various programs offered to students
  10. Attend the Fall Welcome barbecue in making first-year students feel welcomed
  11. Attend First-Year Seminar Series presented by Center's staff
Primary Competency: Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Secondary Competency: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

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