Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values/Greek Life

Semester: Summer 2012
Institution: Synergos, AMC Ft. Collins, CO
Office/Functional Area: Association of Fraternal Leadership and Values/Greek Life

Name: Liz Rader

Supervisor(s): Lea Hanson, Leo Glass
Supervisor Email:

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
Curriculum development for the Fraternal Values Society, development of rubric and curriculum standards, design of supplemental documents for FVS, creation of summer newsletters and other publications, online blog and twitter content, survey data analysis and reports compilation, assistance on requests for services proposals, The Gathering and Greek House Directors Conference preparations, AFA and AFLV board meeting logistics and networking. Contributions to advance the mission and vision of the AFLV and Synergos, AMC. 

Primary Competency: Student Learning and Development
Secondary Competency: Assessment, Evaluation, and Research

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