Career Center, University of Michigan

Semester: Fall 2013
Institution: University of Michigan  
Office/Functional Area: Career Center

Name: Kate Branstetter

Supervisor(s): Amy Hoag Longhi
Supervisor Email:

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
-Meet one on one with students for resume reviews, mock interviews, job/internship search help, and more! 

-Training provided each day as well as observations of current professionals. I was meeting with students on my own by the second week.

-Fast-paced environment- their Career Center sees 18,000 students a year! 

-Opportunities to help with career expo and other office events. 

-The staff is very supportive and Amy is an amazing supervisor!

Primary Competency: Advising and Helping 
Secondary Competency: Student Learning and Development

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