Career Services at Ohio Northern University

Semester: Spring 2008
Institution: Ohio Northern University
Office/Functional Area: Career Services

Name: Jessica Douglas

Supervisor(s): Nancy Sheely, Director of Career Services
Supervisor Email: 

Number of Credit Hours: 2

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
Teaching AASG 300 (Jog and Grad School Search Strategies)
Observe classes during winter quarter at Ohio Northern University
Teach one, one-hour class each week
Plan lessons for each class based on the course outline created by the office of career services
Provide feedback to students both in-class and through grading written assignments.
Meet with students outside of class as necessary
Meet periodically with the Office of Career Services staff regarding the teaching of this course

Primary Competency: Advising and Helping
Secondary Competency: Human and Organizational Resources

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