Women's Professional Development Conference and Peer Education at Heidelberg

Semester: Spring 2008
Institution: Heidelberg College
Office/Functional Area: Office of Career Development - Women's Professional Development Committee and Conference

Name: Allison Scahill
Email: alscahill@gmail.com

Supervisor(s): Kristen Lindsay, Director of Career Development
Supervisor Email: 

Number of Credit Hours: 3

Responsibilities (projects completed, tasks assigned, etc.):
I sat in on weekly meetings, gave input, helped organize the conference. Contacted people to help and present. I'll also be presenting at the conference.

Development and implementation of a Peer Education organization on campus.
I decided to add this on to the practicum because I will be presenting at the conference about the Realities of Sexual Assault. Heidelberg did not have any awareness or educational organizations regarding sexual assault, so I started one. We became a recognized organization, meet bi-weekly and peer educators will be trained in April.

In the future, this group will need help with training, advisors, and presenters. They will also need places to give presentations.

Primary Competency: Advising and Helping
Secondary Competency: Human and Organizational Resources

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